The final Cinderella! I'll find you tonight. Once I capture her... I'll revive you, my love.

—Godmother Amelia, The Final Cinderella

Amelia is a major character and the main antagonist in the fifth Dark Parables game, The Final Cinderella. She is the wife of Geppetto and the mother of Pinocchio. She resides in a castle deep in the Mirror World.

Amelia is based on the archetype of the Fairy Godmother seen in Cinderella and several other fairy tales.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Once a beautiful woman with long brown hair and bright blue eyes, Godmother Amelia's appearance darkened considerably after the death of her beloved husband, Geppetto. She was overcome by evil, causing her skin to lose its healthy glow and her features to become gaunt. Darkness ringed her bright red eyes and seeped down her cheeks in tear-stained streaks. Her hair hung in a knotted, greasy mess. After her death, Amelia returned to her natural appearance and was bathed in a green glow.

Before turning evil, Amelia was a kind-hearted woman who sought to find and help Cinderellas who were pure in heart. She seemed to enjoy her work and made close bonds with the girls she helped. She also felt great love for her husband and their puppet son, Pinocchio. However, after Geppetto's death, Amelia turned to darkness in her grief, growing more wrathful towards others. She lashed out at her son, blaming him for his father's death, and became consumed with her plans to sacrifice a Cinderella's pure soul to bring her husband back from the dead. After succeeding in these plans, Amelia comes to her senses and realizes the error of her ways. She dies full of regret, but finds redemption in the afterlife.


Amelia was a magic user and seamstress chosen by the Maiden Goddess as a Godmother and bestowed the task of finding and helping Cinderellas all around the world with the Magic Glass Wand.

She helped multiple Cinderellas during her tenure as a Godmother. While helping the princess Shan Mao unite with her prince, Amelia caught the eye of a simple woodcarver, Geppetto. The two met and fell in love. Together, they helped the Order of the Red Riding Hood Sisters. Geppetto helped build the Sisters' hideout, while Amelia sewed them fabulous robes that could block all animals from detecting their scents.

One day, Amelia brought Geppetto cursed wood from Evil Trees within the Forbidden Grove, a place where the wood is tainted by the dead. Since Geppetto was a pure-hearted man, the puppet he made from the wood, Pinocchio, came to life. Amelia and Geppetto treated Pinocchio as their son, but the villagers were afraid of him. Geppetto resolved to build his son a golem-like protector and returned to the Forbidden Grove. However, his time spent in the area corrupted him and he began building more and more sentient puppets.

As a result, the villagers grew more wary. Amelia left on Godmother duties and while she was away, the villagers burned her husband at the stake. In her grief, Amelia unintentionally split her soul into good and evil. Choosing her evil half as her dominant personality, Amelia forsaken her good half, which was forced to separate and wander around the world, later becoming the Forest Witch.

Grief stricken, she blamed Pinocchio for Geppetto's death and resolved to revive him by transplanting his soul into a puppet. The Maiden Goddess saw Amelia's corruption and took the Magic Glass Wand from her, ending the procession of Godmothers.

Amelia resolved to revive Geppetto using the Soul Necklace and sacrificing the soul of a Cinderella. She manipulated Pinocchio into help her with the task. She would invite prospective girls to a ball, then deliver her cursed ballgowns to them in the disguise of a kind old woman. If a girl was not Cinderella, she would turn to glass when the clock struck twelve at the ball. The Glass Maidens were then collected and kept in a garden of sorts within the Mirror World.

However, at one of these balls, one of the girls managed to escape without turning to glass. Amelia could sense that this girl might be the Cinderella she'd been looking for. She hunted the girl down and abducted her, even though the girl was working with a world-famous Fairytale Detective at the time. Amelia even used the detective to help her acquire the Glass Slippers she needed to make her dreams a reality.

With Cinderella and the Soul Necklace in hand, Amelia cast her spells and revived her husband's soul inside a puppet that looked exactly like him. However, the Puppet Master that returned to her was not the Geppetto she'd loved. He cast her aside, injuring her and stealing the Soul Necklace from her. Amelia retreated, heartbroken.

She was found by the Fairytale Detective, hiding in a wardrobe and succumbing to her wounds. Before dying, Amelia apologized and explained that she only wanted to revive her beloved husband. She pleaded with the detective to put an end to the Puppet Master, then passed away quietly.

After the Puppet Master's defeat, Geppetto's soul was free from the corruption caused by the Evil Tree. Amelia's soul reunited with his and, together, they used their magic to give their son, Pinocchio, a real body. A statue was later erected by their son in their honor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Godmother Edit

  • Godmother Magic: When she was a Godmother, Amelia used the Magic Glass Wand and her own powers to create beautiful, magical clothes for Cinderellas. She could also help them in other ways. However, when she became corrupted, Amelia lost the Glass Wand and her powers turned dark.
  • Cinderella Detector: Amelia lost her ability to innately sense Cinderellas when the Maiden Goddess took away her powers. However, Amelia made a Cinderella Detector and placed it inside her son, Pinocchio. This, along with her cursed clothing, helps Amelia search for the last Cinderella.

As a Witch Edit

  • Dark Magic: Amelia is still a witch with powerful magical abilities. She now chooses to use these abilities for evil, rather than good. She uses this magic to make cursed clothing and shoes, control vines, generate poisonous smoke, open portals, and cast other menacing spells.
  • Teleportation: Amelia can appear and disappear to different area.
  • Mirrors: Amelia resides in the Mirror World and has the ability to turn regular mirrors into portals. She can also spy on people through mirrors.
  • Puppetry: Amelia has full control over Geppetto's leftover puppets, excluding Pinocchio and the Wooden Beast.
  • Longevity: Amelia lived much longer than any normal human.

As a Ghost Edit

  • Immortality: Now that she has died, Amelia will remain the same forever now that her mortal life has ended.
  • Restoration: When she combined her power with Geppetto's, they revived their son and changed him into a human boy.

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Relevant Parables Edit

The Evil Godmother (from the Final Cinderella)

Chosen by the Maiden Goddess to be "Godmother", Amelia travelled the world in search of Cinderellas. She aided many Cinderellas, and in return, the Cinderellas treated Amelia as if she were their real mother. One day. whilst on her travels, she met the woodcarver Geppetto. It was love at first sight. They got married and spent many blissful years together. However, their happiness was not to last. Upon returning home after one of her journeys, she discovered that her husband had been killed. The shock was too great and she descended into madness. Desperately, she hatched a crazy plan - she would find the Final Cinderella and use her soul, together with the Soul Necklace, to bring Geppetto back to life. To find Cinderella, Amelia installed the Cinderella Detector in her son, Pinocchio. She created cursed ball gowns and glass slippers. If a girl who was not Cinderella wore her cursed clothes, she would turn into a glass maiden at midnight. Heedless of the suffering she caused to innocent girls and to her son, Pinocchio, Amelia single-mindedly devoted her life to reviving her husband. She became known as the evil Godmother.

Handmaidens of the Maiden Goddess (from The Final Cinderella)

Forbidden to directly interfere with the mortal world, the Maiden Goddess decided to choose a pure-hearted maiden with magical powers to act as her handmaiden. Upon her handmaiden, she bestowed the power to detect "Cinderellas" and gave her the Magic Glass Wand. With this powerful magical tool, the handmaiden could wield powerful magic. The handmaiden's primary duty is to seek out and aid "Cinderellas". In time her good deeds were known to all, and she came to be called "Godmother". After the first Godmother died, the Maiden Goddess chose another to take her place. Thus, the tradition has carried on to the present day. Each handmaiden expressed their magic in different ways. For example, one Godmother was skilled at dressmaking, so she liked to imbue her magic in the clothes she made. When the Maiden Goddess saw that the latest Godmother had turned evil, she took away the Godmother's powers and confiscated the Magic Glass Wand. In her disappointment at her handmaiden's betrayal, the Maiden Goddess vowed never to pick another handmaiden again.

The Forest Witch (from The Match Girl's Lost Paradise)

Long ago, a powerful enchantress suffered an inconsolable grief, for she lost her beloved. The feeling was too much for her heart to bear. In order to protect herself from such a traumatizing experience, the enchantress unintentionally broke her soul. Her soul was split into both good and evil sides. When the enchantress chose the evil side as her dominant personality, the good side was forsaken, and it separated from her soul transforming into an entirely different entity. The good side became a phantom-like existence, though it still carried the enchantress's knowledge and memories, but was fading with age. After drifting for several decades, with the blessing of the silver moon's shine, the phantom finally settled on a physical form. A new woman with a pure soul was formed miraculously under the moonlight. Due to her own experience, she knew that grief devoured people's heart and brought nothing but pain and suffering. She traveled around in a portable cabin, intending to help others with her sorcery to avoid people's sorrow. Sometimes she played a maternal role, and often took care of the local forest wildlife as well. She made people cures using herbs prepared with a mortar and pestle. Though she gave no name, her deeds won her many different titles. Knowing that she was only a fragmented soul, and that she would disappear someday, she still lived a meaningful life. She always remembered the enchantress who gave birth to her and hoped that what she did would somehow make up for the evil that had been done.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Amelia is based off of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair in The Adventures of Pinocchio, who was the adopted mother of Pinocchio.
  • The name Amelia means "industrious" and "striving". Fitting for her character since she is working hard to get her husband back.

Quotes Edit

Quotes by Amelia Edit

  • "Prove your worth to me and go save her."
  • "Shan is one of the kindest and most pure-hearted girls I know."
  • "Oh my love, why did you leave me?"
  • "Pinocchio, your father died because of you!"
  • "The Final Cinderella, I'll find you tonight."
  • "Cinderella is nearby. Once I capture her, I'll revive you, my love."
  • "Thank you, Pinocchio. Your Cinderella detector tells me that this girl is "Cinderella". Now, I can sacrifice her and revive my husband."
  • "Spirits, heed my call. Accept this pure Cinderella soul. Restore my beloved to this mortal realm."
  • " love...You're back!"
  • "Please, love, don't do this."
  • "I'm sorry - all I wanted was to revive my husband. He was a good man, you know, before he was corrupted by the Evil Trees and turned into the Puppet Master."
  • "Everything's turned out fine in the end."
  • "Now, we can be together forever."

Quotes about Amelia Edit

  • "Godmother's diary tells of her worries about Geppetto's mind being corrupted by the Evil Trees." - Fairytale Detective
  • "After Geppetto's death, Amelia's soul was split in two, good and evil. Amelia kept the evil part, and her good part became me." - Forest Witch

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