A few days ago, a young boy claimed he was attacked by savage, mechanical beasts.

—Tape recorder, Goldilocks and the Fallen Star

The Barsian Youth is a young boy first seen in the tenth Dark Parables game, Goldilocks and the Fallen Star. He is an innocent and brave boy who represents the goodness and innocents of the people of Barsia.

Appearance and Personality Edit

He has light brown hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin, kind face and is wearing what looks like a red shirt or jumper and a white coat with white fur.

He is a happy, carefree boy who shows great bravery. His optimism, innocence, love for his kingdom, and great bravery are intended to represent the feelings of the overall Barsian populace.

History Edit

We know nothing of the little boy before his playing made him cross paths with the Artifact and Queen Valla in disguise. After this fateful meeting, the boy reported his finding and turned the Artifact over to the authorities. This led to the Fairytale Detective being sent to the site to investigate.

When Queen Valla called for the bravest of souls to step forward, the boy did so without question. He had such love and trust for his kingdom and its rulers that it never occurred to him - or anyone else in Barsia - that they might have ulterior motives or not have the people's best interests at heart. That trust proved to have been misplaced when the Queen ordered Leda to turn them all to gold for her own selfish reasons.

Thankfully, the boy was restored, along with everyone else in Barsia, when Leda made a fateful wish on the Fallen Star. With the previous Queen having been destroyed, Leda herself was crowned the Queen of Barsia. The boy was allowed an audience with her and, to her surprise, he fearlessly hugged her close. Not used to being able to come into contact with people so openly, the Queen took a moment to return his hug with a warm embrace of her own.

The boy's trust in Barsia and its rulers remained unshaken and with Leda as Queen, it was finally well-placed.

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