• TheOptimusPrime123

    Alright so... I`ve been exploring Wikipedia since last November (exactly after The Match Girl`s Lost Paradise) and I just saw the Dark Parables page. And I just noticed that it doesnt mention at the description area that Blue Tea Games returned to the Dark Parables series during production of Return of the Salt Princess. As a newbie editor in the Wikipedia, I decided to patch things up.

    Check out the following edits I made:

    1. Edited "Part 15: The Match Girl`s Lost Paradise"- I`ve added few more details. This includes the Flame of Illusion, the landowner ,and an "odd girl" (Giselle) .
    2. Added the return of Blue Tea Games- I`ve added that Blue Tea Games returned to the series during RotSP in the Dark Parables page and the Blue Tea Games (I think Ei…
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  • TFCBelloni140

    Is it just me or is the Trending FANDOM Articles look a little different?

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Okay... Time to talk about technical stuff.

    Did you guys remember the time when I posted a thread about the Dark Parables logo? That didn't stop there.

    I began my research on how Blue Tea's DP titles work, starting from Dark Parables 5.

    Extracting data files is such a hard work... They contain about more than 1 GB of files!

    And yeah... I'm looking at the XML files on how they would work. Currently I am testing them now.

    Hmmm... What should I do with these...?

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hello, everyone! I'm The Sapphire Panda, and I'd like to start a new series of blog posts on this wiki, "investigations", if you will.

    As you may or may not know, a United States holiday is fast approaching: Thanksgiving! Though this is a very U.S.-bound holiday, I thought I'd bring some of my thankfulness to all of you! I'm thankful to the community, and therefore thankful to Dark Parables as well! I decided to start replaying a few entries in the series -- currently, as you may have guessed, I'm replaying The Final Cinderella, but I began this with a purpose, a question to answer: what is the history of Hilltop Mansion? Who originally built it, why, and how does it connect to the plot?

    I've sought to answer these questions for a long time,…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    My Absence

    October 27, 2018 by The Sapphire Panda

    Hello, everyone! I wanted to give a brief apology/explanation to all of you as to why I've been gone recently. I know I've posted something like this before, but I wanted to make it official again before the release of TMGLP.

    I'm not neglecting you or the wiki, first off. I love all of you, and if I could, the majority of my time would be spent bettering this community, but unfortunately, I can't do that. My fall semester of classes just started (and somehow it's already halfway over? That's crazy!) and that leaves me with little time to work on the wiki. I've been appearing sometimes to briefly scan through the recent activity -- but I've been too tired and it's been late after my school, so often I can't respond. I try to, however, and th…

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  • Lionstar16

    Hey guys,

    Since Halloween is coming up soon, I was wondering what you consider 'Dark Parables Scariest Moments'? For me, it's the giant spider in The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree (I'm getting chills just thinking about it as I type) and the moment Amelia first jumped out of the mirror in The Final Cinderella.

    I look forward to your responses :)

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  • Abdallah Ali

    As the title suggests. I've come up with a suggestion that might reduce the long time of the cycle of Dark Parables games in the market while blue tea games can still be a bit visible.

    As we know, Blue Tea had to give the development reins of Dark Parables back to Eipix because they cannot take a long time too much against the flood of the HOPA games in the market nowadays which explains why they left Dark Parables in the first time after Ballad of Rapunzel.

    What if both Blue Tea Games and Eipix took it in turns to develop the Dark Parables series which means that Eipix makes dp15..BTG will make dp16..Eipix will make dp17..etc

    By this way, Dark Parables will be visible more in the market and can live up to the quantity of the HOPA games and b…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Okay, I have seen a lot of conspiracies concerning my actions. And to be honest, I don't want to stress it all out, so I would have to explain this in just one single blog post:

    Whenever there are negative comments that someone posted (either on my Wall, on one of my Blog Posts, or on one of the Wiki Pages), I have to admit that I have to blur my eyes just to avoid those bad conspiracies.

    And instead, I read the bottom part of the thread.

    This isn't a joke, I just wanted to clear my head out from the stresses I currently have.

    Now that I am the center of attention, I just want to address something very important:

    I don't have any bad things in my life. It's just the stresses I'm put into that made the conspiracies possible. And even though you guy…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Okay. I know a lot of you has concerned about the MG coming back, and several things.

    And here we are, solving puzzles, interacting with her, trying to let Carson go.

    It's the worth we're waiting for, but it's becoming less and less of that. And you know why?

    I totally messed this whole thing up.

    Before I could check into the Wiki, I recieved an email update regarding the new message on my wall. I knew something was up about chatting with KBelloni07 on Sapphire Cryptex last night (GMT +08:00), as Abdallah Ali had said.

    It looks like I have pulled a trigger that leads to my own demise.

    I have to admit in regards to these events:

    • I was the one who pulled all those triggers that turned Sapphire Cryptex sideways, all because of my stupidity in genera…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I just hope that she'll see this post that I'm having :)

    Okay... I don't know what else to bring this up. I've been staring at this photo the whole time, trying to speak up what is going on with my head. The fact that the Match Girl is communicating via mirrors, and possessing powers like she used to have with Carson before (for more info, go to the Sapphire Cryptex forum thread)... it felt so weird.

    Okay... I'm having a bad dream last three nights ago (the night of September 04th). I woke up from a loud thunder, looking at my watch. And then, the mirror on the old wooden closet behind me unexpectedly broke, only to hear this distant voice:

    "Joshua... I need to talk to you for a moment."

    I conversed her through the mirror for almost five minut…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I don't want to mess this up anymore. I just want myself to be sacrificed, that's all.

    Yes, I'm the one to blame all of this happening. All my actions, and choices, are unacceptable anymore. I'm getting more upset in myself, trying to cope out on this happening, but I can't anymore.

    It doesn't really matter anymore. Either it will be torture or death, I'll accept it with all of my heart. This is what I've become. I want to end this, RIGHT NOW.

    So, if you're all aware, I've provided 5 freeform poems that would help initiate the curse that was upon me.

    Looks like I am trapped in this Garden
    With one girl, whom I seen in a while
    Playing with matches, chanting some curses
    Put it on me, my lady, and my life is all yours.
    (Quote from Thread 280 of Sapph…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    “Through strong winds and rain, 'she' is calling me out.” - statement from Thread 262 by TFCBelloni140


    Anyways, I have been acting super stupid while I'm interacting with this thread: Sapphire Cryptex | Dark Parables Wiki: Off Topic Board

    In some cases, I'll post all of my threads regarding with these interactions I have since the time I got super stupid: Thread 247 ~ Thread 250 ~ Thread 252 ~ Thread 255 ~ Thread 257 ~ Thread 262 (where the main quote was came from) ~ Thread 266



    It was said that whoever person is 'not worthy of her matches' (meaning that whoever the person is 'stupid' enough) can get a taste of her curse:

    Staying in her Garden for all eternity, unless someone…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Like it says on the title, I'm now giving my Official Statement regarding of what is currently happening here in this Wiki.

    Full conversation here: Sapphire Cryptex | Dark Parables Wiki Forum: Off Topic Board

    You all maybe wondering, what in the world am I doing to save our Sapphire from this conundrum?

    Well, here's a simple answer: I'm trying my very best to convince the Match Girl to set him free, in excahnge of my own.

    However, I am planning to work with her, ON PURPOSE. I am not showing my face to everybody that I am officially working with the evil forces that haunt us every day.

    In regards to this, I have decided to talk with her to find out what is the "true cause" of this incident. Read here: We need to talk. In private. | Match Girl's …

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Bad Omen...

    August 14, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    While I was interacting with Match Girl, I felt this tingling sensation. My heart beats faster than usual, and my body felt a little colder every two minutes.

    The weather seems fine at my location, aside from the strong gust of winds on the outside. But the weird wind that came from inside my house, makes me feel paranoid. It's creepy as it can be.


    So I decided to do this trick to help me handle this:

    I was permitted to take a single box of match, as depicted in the photo below:

    Scientifically, the matches emit a YELLOW-ORANGE flame when ignited. Here are few of my matches:

    Now every time I feel paranoid, I take a single match and ignited it, making sure that the light stays in that color. I kept doing this until I don't feel any paranoia any…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    As you may have seen on the wiki recently, I was contacted by an administrator over at the Hidden Object Games Wiki. They too have some information listed for the Dark Parables series. However, she addressed that because our community is actually made for these games, it would possibly be better to link their wiki to ours.

    This brings up a thought I've had for a long time: what if we made a sort of network of wikis, all about casual games? We have some wikis willing to join, and a few already made (that need a lot of work). So far, this network could consist of:

    -Dark Parables

    -Hidden Object Games

    -Danse Macabre

    -Dark Romance

    + whatever else we find (we should work on expanding those two communities before making new ones)

    So, since this could ma…

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  • CardBoss14


    First blog post on this wiki.

    Due to some... critical reception of the newest Dark Parables game's demo, I have begun to fear for DP's future.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of other hidden object game series (a series to me is 5 or more games) I could try out. Preferably ogoing- IMO, I can't really "enjoy" a series that's concluded (though if it's highly praised, I'll give it a go).

    I generally prefer the fantasy genre, but will not shy away from horror, paranormal, or romance.

    As for personal preferences... well...

    The art can be really any style. I prefer the more realistic/detailed style DP uses, but semi-realistic will do in most cases.

    Voice acting is generally sub-par in most HOGs, I can accept that. But I prefer the actors and actr…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    I hated it.

    I honestly think this is one of the worst games of the series so far. Eipix messed up bad.

    Ok, so you might think I'm exaggerating, but hear me out.

    This is a summary of my thoughts about the beta. Not only was my video corrupted just before the ending, but I am GLAD that video didn't get out.


    Because I was very passive aggressive the whole time. Because this game is not what it could, and should, have been.

    Awhile ago, Blue Tea posted a blog saying the game was going well, but the development was completely done by Eipix. This concerned me, because all they did was write a story OUTLINE (not the actual story) and write character CONCEPTS (again, not actual characters). 

    I talk about the rest in the video, but this will be the fi…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    This is just a late notification, but I think FANDOM likes Dark Mode the most, eh?

    Just discovered on my Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) when I accessed my profile for the attendace count:

    Phasing through a new look, that was FANDOM's Motto for Designs!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    So far, I have crafted several PNGs this year, in response to the thread I posted in the Vote for new theme here! | Dark Parables Wiki Forum:

    In coincidation, I created these threads for the showcasing of PNGs:

    Overall, most of the front pages have these logos included. Share your comments about this :)

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hello, everyone! I’m back with another wiki improvement idea.

    What if we start placing quotes at the top of characters’ pages? One of their more memorable quotes would be at the top, followed by their summary and infobox. Many other wikis do it if you need an example.

    An example would be the quote template at the top of Brigid’s page, and her quote is something like “When I set out to find the truth about my banishment, I never imagined the price of this truth to be so steep.” -Brigid, Return of the Salt Princess

    Like that. That quote isn’t too spoilery, but it gives valuable insight into her character. This could be done for games, too (I.e. “Your dire predicament is nothing compared to the curse I bear every single day.” -Prince James, The …

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  • Sn0wqu33n

    Just a Question

    June 12, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    A goose that lays golden eggs, a tree that grows human hair, a hut on top of chicken legs, a monkey born from giant egg, there sure are some interesting stories in the world. What’s the most interesting story you’ve encountered?

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Like it says on the title:

    I have NO IDEA if I should start a Wiki about this particular Series... Maybe a little help from you guys could help me decide.

    I am 37% complete on overall series. Still a big boulder to keep going, anyhoo...

    Should I keep going with this?

    - Joshua

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  • AmethystPearl99

    This is out of my curiosity and could help me in future... Ideas. Just like the title implies, if you are a character from a fairytale that DP haven't done a version yet, who would you be and why (think of it like your OC)? What would your DP fairytale counterpart look like? Would you have magical powers or not?


    • Name of OC
    • The fairytale the OC come from (that DP haven't used yet)
    • Eye color
    • Hair color
    • Clothing
    • Magical powers
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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hello, everyone!

    This will be a short but hopefully sweet blog about the kindness you've given me over the years, because, if you couldn't tell by the title alone, it's my birthday today!

    You guys have been so kind to each other this past year, and it's very rewarding to see kind people forming around a series of games I though I was alone in liking when I was younger. So, my heart goes to all of you for being here and making the wiki a great place :)

    I'm afraid I have nothing else to say, but thanks to all for the fun we've had and will have here!


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  • TFCBelloni140

    As you all know, I stumbled into Valentina (SwordLily621)'s message wall and I found this thread very heartbreaking:

    So, I'm going to post this blog for you all to know.

    SwordLily621, whatever problem it is, you can tell me. I'm going to answer all of your questions :)

    Everyone, If you have any problems relating with yourself, your friends, or anyone in this wiki, feel free to ask me for questions. I will try to answer all of them :)

    Do you guys know why I'm doing this? My whole experience was somewhat related to your experiences, so the problems you faced may be similar to mine. I'm trying to be concerned, you know?

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  • TFCBelloni140


    As you all may know, I'm using Mobirise4 for the layouting of the J&K Book Series Official Website.

    What do you think of my layouts? Lemme know in the comments!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I'm starting to restore my ideas, since so many feeds are contained...


    More on my Facebook account: Joshua Lebran | Facebook

    I'm also working on the Official J&K Book Series Official Website, which will be released on June 07th, 2021.


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  • TFCBelloni140

    I'm going to take the courage to be available in a year!

    Next stop: 100-day attendance achievement!!!

    I'm so excited :)


    I just got it today!!!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Easter Eggs

    April 10, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    I accidentally found interesting displays in this Wiki (it is also applied to other wikis as well)!

    Also, please specify for easter eggs you might find.

    Press Shift+/ (?) to bring up the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.

    Press . to bring up the Actions Dialog.

    Press / to bring up the Search Bar.

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I just noticed something that I don't exactly want to happen:

    Some of you are doubting about me and KBelloni07 posted some comments at the same time (and presumably, date).

    Here's my reason: KBelloni07 was right beside me throughout all times, but I never guessed that she could ever had the chance to check in, so I just turned in my account for her.

    And no, KBelloni07 is not active right now, so it could mean more time to sort things out.

    The controversy is already happening! About the RP Manipulation thing, there is one thing that you don't know:

    The reason behind this is that before KBelloni07 arised as a new member of this Wiki, she spent so much time struggling to find a place where she could go online.

    That's why she asked me to create an …

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  • Lionstar16

    Hey guys,

    Since we're still basking in the joy of Return of Salt Princess, I thought I would post this question to you:

    If you were a Daemon Evoker, what would your spirit animal be?

    I know mine would be a lion (hence my username) but I'm interested to know what you believe your spirit animal is :)

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I know all of you are now against me, and it's getting on my nerves, so I made a fatal decision:

    I will be TEMPORARILY signing off on March 31st, 2018.

    I know this was all just of my unwise decision, and something that I can't hide anymore.

    So I will be replying to the comments on articles, blog posts, etc. until the specific date.

    I will leave you this message as an ending to my latest blog post:

    "Do concern others as you do concern yourself."

    Love always,


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  • TFCBelloni140

    I already read every single message and they are all pointing on me for ONE FATAL MISTAKE: Putting myself to the position that I wasn't supposed to belong.

    I know all of you agreed that it was very UNWISE, but can you hear me out, please?

    The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm very desperate, and itched about my powers to be let out.

    My professionalism.

    My mastery.


    I was just trying my luck, and I am very sure that I will do eveything to fix this, when I was given the time.

    So I know you wanted to comment something offensive, but I'm out of capabilities right now. These are also unencouraging, so I'm now-

    Before I finish this blog, sobbing, here's my final words:

    “The negativities in life, when worsened, shatters one's life into p…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    "How I wished that I will reign as a guide to help my fellow disciples reach their way towards never-ending glory."

    I've already made a decision- since I already read and understand the criterias stated, I'm now pointing myself to begin my journey as a supreme of this community.

    Some of you might/would be disagreeing with my plan, but I was putting myself to the test if I was worthy of being a supreme or not.

    In conclusion, I am now:


    Information about being an admin in here:

    Adoption:Requests | Community Central | FANDOM by Wikia 

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  • SwordLily621

    I really want to type out all the thoughts that I have about this game, even if it's just for myself, before the excitement wears off and I get distracted by something else, so here I am continuing :) SPOILERS, obviously. This part will be mostly me speaking about characters, with some random impressions and headcanons. Ridiculous amounts of text ahead, I'm sorry - you don't have to read this!

    Serafina and Mercy:

    • Maybe my feelings would be different if I hadn't played the beta, but I really loved Serafina and Mercy back when the beta came out, I believed them that they loved Brigid like a sister, and I was seriously expecting them to end up on our side. So Mercy's total evilness and their deaths were one of my two biggest disappointments in th…
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  • The Sapphire Panda

    PNG Images

    March 18, 2018 by The Sapphire Panda

    Hey guys!

    So recently, I've decided to make PNG images for all the characters in the DP universe. Granted, this will take time, so please be patient.

    A PNG image for an infobox means the image is the character with a transparent background, so all you see is the character. In some ways, it looks more professional than an average JPG image. I've already done so with Mercy's infobox, check that out if you'd like.

    Anyway, I'm almost done with Serafina, but I need some help deciding which images for characters to do. For instance, I know I'll do old Nuada for his infobox, but which expression should I use? If you could screenshot your preference of expression, that'd be great.

    The same applies for other characters on the wiki. Send me whichever im…

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  • SwordLily621

    This is not meant to be a proper review with an actual structure, more a collection of random thoughts that might be updated as I remember things :) Also, SPOILERS, of course.

    • first of all, CALLED IT - yes, it was me who wrote that comment, and I was like 80% right, which felt really satisfying :D
    • technically the game was very well done - fantastic graphics, music, puzzles, HOS, etc. The puzzles in particular were fresh and original and very interesting to figure out.
    • I was kind of worried when I first clicked "play" and the difficulty screen came up and there was no custom - I usually hate sparkles but like to keep the hint and disable the misclick penalty, so I was torn for a moment before deciding "to hell with it" and clicking "hard". The…
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  • Sn0wqu33n

    Royal Advisor

    March 16, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    I have a theory about the royal advisor in RotSP.I don’t think she is the same evil witch as the one we’ve seen in other games, because of her affinity with frogs instead of spiders, but I think she might be a witch we saw in another game. I think she is the one who originally cursed James. The parable even states that she experimented with transforming people into animals.

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  • Sn0wqu33n


    March 6, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    I was playing a non-DP game and the design on this chest caught my eye. Does it look familiar? 

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I may be wondering: A game is nothing without a soundtrack, or OST for short.

    So I decided to ramp up this game by doing my own compilation of Dark Parables OSTs!

    This includes the soundtracks from Dark Parables series, Cursery and Fabled Legends.

    Currently in the compilation (not uploaded): 4

    • Dark Parables 5: The Final Cinderella OST
    • Dark Parables 7: Ballad of Rapunzel OST
    • Dark Parables 8: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide OST
    • Cursery: The Crooked Man & The Crooked Cat OST

    Apparently, 5-7 OSTs would be compiled, so I think I have to obtain 1-3 additional games for this purpose.

    (I am a big fond of OSTs... NieR: Automata OST, Undertale OST...)

    Let me know what you think of this idea, and suggest me some of your pointers to make this compilation…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I've been thinking this date over my head...

    First (just a heads-up), my birthday will be in the inclusive date (shown at the title).

    On the other hand, it makes sense that Returnof the Salt Princess (DP14) will probably be released in the same date (or is mentioned in the Release Week, please check Return of the Salt Princess - Wiki Page).

    I've been thinking this far: How did RotSP get into a meaning that it will be released on this date, according to Abdallah Ali? Is there a fate that Brigid and I share in common?

    Just a mythical prophecy... I got this feeling that somehow, when it landed on my birthday date, there comes something for me.

    So, just a random thought... What do you think of this connection? Is there something crucial that Blue T…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Have a quick look at my profile page for just a moment and look at the two galleries.

    And links, too!

    I've got all my compilations of Games and Characters (my favorites) compiled into each gallery.


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  • TFCBelloni140

    Back to Gaming...

    February 14, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    Since I'm very devoted to Dark Parables, I will try something new...

    Currently on my Current Gaming list (UPDATED March 28th, 2018):

    • Dark Parables 5: The Final Cinderella
    • Dark Parables 7: Ballad of Rapunzel
    • Dark Parables 8: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide
    • Dark Parables 13: Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow
    • Cursery: The Crooked Man & The Crooked Cat
    • Dark Parables 11: The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree
    • Dark Parables 4: The Red Riding Hood Sisters

    Bold text - Completed

    Currently on my Gaming Wish list (UPDATED March 28th, 2018):

    • Dark Parables 9: Queen of Sands
    • Dark Parables 12: The Thief and the Tinderbox
    • Dark Parables 14: Return of the Salt Princess
    • Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper

    Bold text - Suspected Games to play

    UPDATED: I've added 2 games to my …

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I Am OFFICIALY Back!

    January 30, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    Hey guys, I'll keep this short.

    I am now OFFICIALY back to this wiki! Hey, all those trying times I had last week, I was abit down and out. So I temporarily signed off to give myself space.

    The next part of the blog will be posted within this week, so stay tuned!

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  • Sn0wqu33n


    January 28, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    This is a nice story I found. I am posting this mostly because I thought people on here may appreciate the story.

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    So, for many of you, this blog post won't be very interesting. However, for me, it is the most fun I could have while waiting for the game to release. Of course, that would be... symbolism!

    Yeah, yell your "boos" now, people. I know I'm lame for analyzing symbolism. But hear me out. I find it fun to find evidence and see how a character relates to it. By comparing them to a similar object we can get a deeper insight to their character and learn their intentions. In this case, it could even help us predict stuff about the story before it's released. That being said, below is a lot of symbolism I found in the game.

    In which I analyze the game's music for character info.

    Serafina's Song (song that plays when she talks): Can we please agree that …

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I have gotten through this idea that some characters might have their souls roamed across the world, without anybody sensing them.

    I have agreed that some of our members here are not aware of my weird being, so I had to give you this blog.

    I eventually had to tune in to this Wiki even it is almost midnight. Suddenly, someone came up to me and said:

    "Please! Help me!"

    I heard it from the room that I slept in. Eventually, it came out again, screaming:

    "Rapunzel! Please! Help me!"

    If I only had known of this before, then I would eventually got up and sense some ghosts. But I found no one. I went to lie down again and visited the article Belladonna on this Wiki, when it bursted into tears:

    "Joshua! Please! I'm trapped!"

    "Who do you think are you?" I s…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Pressing Issue

    January 4, 2018 by The Sapphire Panda

    This issue isn't super pressing, but it's been in the back of my mind for awhile and it's high time for a solution.

    But first, I would like the opinions of my fellow Wiki members. Firstly, do any of you know where Astro (Astroasis) is? She's been gone for awhile now. I wonder if her computer broke again.

    But anyway, this is regarding the fate of the Official Wiki Walkthroughs page. If you didn't know it existed, it does. It's a place for video walkthroughs of Dark Parables games. This page has been dormant for awhile now, with the last episode of a walkthrough being updated by Pocolate about a year and a half ago for the fifth episode of Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose. She, unfortunately, is gone for school reasons, which I completely un…

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  • Myss M

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to wish you all a very safe, and a very Happy New Year!

    Here's hoping 2018 brings you all happiness, love, precious moments, laughter and good fortune!

    Many blessings to you all!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Welcome to Dark Parables Wiki!

    So, it's been a while after I created this account for you. Hope you have a good time with our dedicated members of this Wiki, as we are committed to commemorate the Dark Parables Game Series.

    Without you, this Wiki would be nothing. Hope you all the best from Dark Parables Wiki!

    -Joshua Lebran

    (This post was originally posted to my account. KBelloni07, if you're reading this, sorry for the inconvenience.)

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