They invited all but one godmother, who was strong in sorcery yet wicked at heart. Upon hearing the news, the evil godmother placed a curse on the newborn child.

—Narrator, Curse of Briar Rose

The Evil Godmother is a minor character and the antagonist of the first Dark Parables game, Curse of Briar Rose. She is responsible for the curse Briar Rose is under and has plans to possess the Princess' slumbering body in order to return to the world and ultimately destroy it.

The evil godmother is based off on the wicked fairy in the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

The evil godmother should not be confused with Amelia, the wicked godmother from The Final Cinderella, nor is she considered a true godmother.

Appearance and Personality Edit

We first see the evil godmother in the form of a talking raven. In her human form, she has long gray hair and piercing lilac eyes. Her face is gaunt and angular and she wears a large brimmed hat. Her staff is long and bears a network of knotted vines at the top. She wears a green dress and hat with purple accents and vine-like designs on it. She faintly glows.

Although not much is known about the Evil Godmother, we do know that she is prideful of herself. Offended that she was not invited to the princess's birth festival, the witch cursed the newborn.

History Edit

The evil godmother was a godmother like the others but was wicked at heart. She was not invited to the celebration for the birth of the Princess, Briar Rose, and this slight infuriated her. She cursed the newborn, condemning her to a death-like sleep, which caused thorny vines to overtake the castle.

Sometime after the evil godmother's death, she sought to use Briar Rose's slumbering body to return to the world and destroy it. In order to do so, she needed to find out where the Princess' body had been placed. She reactivated her curse, using the destructive vines that came forth in order to bring the Fairytale Detective to Briar Rose's castle. She hoped that the intrepid Detective would be able to find Briar Rose's resting place for her.

Once Briar Rose's slumbering body was found, the evil godmother attempted to cast her spell to possess the girl's body, but she was beaten by the Fairytale Detective, who was just a little bit faster and managed to break the curse in time to save Briar Rose. Having no physical form to take on, the evil godmother's spirit dissipated in a cloud of fury.

We don't know what became of her spirit after these events, or if she's the same as the Evil Witch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting: The Evil Godmother can take on the form of a crow with glowing red eyes.
  • Powerful Magic: With her curses and spells, the Evil Godmother can wield powerful magic, indeed.
  • Possession: Since she plans on possessing Briar Rose's body, it can be assumed that she possesses the know-how and ability to do so.
  • Longevity: The Evil Godmother is a master of sorcery, so she could have lived a long life. Even in death, her spirit still roams, searching for Briar Rose.

Relationships Edit

Relevant Parables Edit

There aren't any parables relating to this character, but she plays a large role in the Sleeping Beauty (Novel).


Quotes by the Evil Godmother Edit

  • "You cannot stop me! Mwahahaha!"

Quotes about the Evil Godmother Edit

  • "However, an Evil Godmother is haunting this place; be wary, or else she may foil your case." - Briar Rose
  • "When the curse resurfaced, it also awakened the spirit of the Evil Godmother." - Briar Rose

Theories Edit

The evil godmother is seen in a large brimmed hat, carrying a staff that looks similar to the one the player pieces together and replaces on the broken statue of the Godmother of the Ivy. It's possible this is meant to hint to a correlation between the two godmothers, but the other depictions of Godmother of the Ivy have a very different look to them. It's more likely that the text on the statues in the courtyard might be off, as the Godmother of the Rose statue doesn't bear a resemblance to other imagery of that godmother, either.

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