Story goes when the fog rolls in, the fabled Frog Prince begins to wander here, searching for his long-lost Princess.

—Marie, The Exiled Prince
Exiled prince road

The Exiled Prince Road is a location in the second Dark Parables game, The Exiled Prince. It is the overground area above and surrounding the Frog Prince's Underground Kingdom.

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Exiled Prince Road received its name from the repeated sightings in the area of the legendary Frog Prince. Less of a road and more of a path, Exiled Prince Road winds through the Black Forest. The Frog Prince's cottage can be found on this path, as well as a cliff overlooking the town below. The entrance to the Frog Prince's Underground Kingdom is also in this same area.

Treasure hunters looking for the Underground Kingdom and the riches foretold to exist there often come to this area of the Black Forest. However, any that may have caught sight of the Frog Prince or gotten too near to finding the Underground Kingdom were never seen from again.

There are a lot of frogs on Exiled Prince Road. Sometimes their eyes glow. It's kinda creepy...

Exiled Prince Road was the last known location of the Chancellor's daughter, Marie, and her bodyguard before the two went missing. It is where the Fairytale Detective is dispatched to in order to solve the mystery of their disappearance.

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  • Exiled Prince Road was originally going to be called either Frog Prince Road or Stone Frog Road but changed it to match the title.