Hoping time wound find an answer, her fairy godmothers contained the curse for a thousand years.

—Storybook, Ballad of Rapunzel

The Godmother of the Rose is a minor character in the first Dark Parables game, Curse of Briar Rose. She is one of five Godmothers who combined their powers to keep Briar Rose's curse at bay for 1,000 years.

Appearance Edit

We don't actually meet the Godmother of the Rose. We only hear of her acts and see her likeness in flashbacks and statues within the castle grounds. The statue of this Godmother in the courtyard doesn't seem to match the statue of her within the castle or the image we see of her in flashbacks. In the imagery that matches, the Godmother of the Rose wears a tall two part hat and a long red and white dress. She carries a simple wand that glows at the end.

History Edit

The Godmother of the Rose was one of five protectors of Briar Rose. She was a powerful magic user with a good heart. From the time Briar Rose was cursed at birth, and for 1,000 years after the Princess fell to the curse, the Godmother of the Rose, and the other Godmothers used their powers to try to lessen the damage done by the curse as much as possible. She and the other Godmothers were disheartened when the Prince failed to wake Briar Rose. Still, they maintained their vigil and did what they could at the time to help the Princess.


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