Detective, the chancellor's daughter went missing last night. Her bodyguard is also nowhere to be found. It is imperative you find the chancellor's daughter as soon as possible.

—Recorder Woman, The Exiled Prince

Marie, also known as the Chancellor's daughter, is a minor character in the second Dark Parables game, The Exiled Prince. It was her abduction by the Frog Prince that lead to the events of The Exiled Prince.

Marie is not based on any particular fairy tale character.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Marie is a pretty young woman with wavy, light brown hair and blue eyes. She is the daughter of the Chancellor and is accompanied by her bodyguard, a young man with dark brown hair.

Marie is adventurous and has an interest in folklore and mysteries.

History Edit

Nothing is known of Marie's early life except that is the daughter of a chancellor. While wandering the Black Forest with her bodyguard, Marie is abducted by the Frog Prince of legend. She was taken to his cottage, bound and held there until the Prince eventually turns her and her companion into frogs. They both revert back to human form when the Fairytale Detective lifts the curse from the Frog Prince as he passed away.

After returning to human form, Marie is still locked inside the Frog Prince's strange device. While in there, a woman with an icy, cold gaze approaches the device and stares at Marie. The woman says strange things about the Snowfall Kingdom and destroying the world, but Marie doesn't catch anything more. The woman disappears and the Fairytale Detective arrives to free Marie and her bodyguard from the device.

Once freed, Marie shares her tale about the icy, cold woman, and begs to go home.

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Quotes by Marie Edit

  • "Story goes when the fog rolls in, the fabled Frog Prince begins to wander here, searching for his long-lost Princess. But no one who's laid eyes on him has ever returned to tell the story."
  • "I'm warm now. Thank you for the blanket, Detective."
  • "Before you rescued us, a figure in white appeared. I looked directly into her eyes - her stare was as cold as ice. She whispered madly about a snowfall kingdom and the end of this world. I don't know or care what it means. Please just take me home."

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