Shortly after, the exiled Prince made this forest his home and built an underground Kingdom full of shrines to his loved ones.

—Ivy Green, The Exiled Prince
Underground Kingdom

The Underground Kingdom is where the second Dark Parables game, The Exiled Prince, mainly takes place. It is an enormous shrine to all of Prince James' beloved wives. Beyond music from the soundtrack, ominous, unintelligible whispers can be heard throughout the subterranean realm, their origins unknown.

History Edit

After the Frog Prince was exiled to the Black Forest, he began to construct an enormous underground shrine to all of the beloved wives he had outlived. It is an ornate and beautiful place that Prince James clearly takes great care of. However, it seems that James' actual home is an unkempt cottage on Exiled Prince Road. There is no evidence that anyone - including James - actually 'lives' in the Underground Kingdom.

The Underground Kingdom was, at least at one time, a popular spot for treasure hunters to seek out. At least one adventurer died in an attempt to gain access to the kingdom.

Notable Residents Edit

Quotes about Underground Kingdom Edit

  • "Lit candles are placed throughout the area, making it seem to be a sacred shrine." (observation by Fairytale Detective about Swan Lake Princess Shrine)
  • "The moonlight shines brightly against the tranquil lake. How enchanting!" (observation by Fairytale Detective about Swan Lake Princess Shrine)
  • "Different kinds of relics and jewelry are displayed here. It is akin to a museum display." (observation by Fairytale Detective about Little Mermaid Princess Shrine)
  • "What an impressive arsenal of weaponry! The Prince must be quite a skilled warrior."

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